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Saturn in the fourth house

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Common Interpretation

Saturn is the planet of ambition, structure and hard work. It is associated with "karma" because wherever it enters our lives it indicates a drive to perfect ourselves. If in detriment, fall or peregrine, the qualities of Saturn will be comparatively weak and negative in the individual, although they may develop more strength later in life. If Saturn falls in an earth sign, it will be most true to its own nature and therefore most effective (with Capricorn bringing out its best qualities). If in a water sign, adjust the interpretation of Saturn to act with moodiness and self-protection. If Saturn is in an air sign, add intellectual superiority and detachment (but in Libra this is balanced by concern for others). If in fire, add restlessness and irritability.

Saturn in the fourth house indicates deep emotional insecurity due to a lack of nurturing early in life, or being pushed by events to grow up too fast. The fourth house represents not only our home (both in childhood and later in life) but also our emotional center. Feeling inhibited in this area can result in a range of reactions from emotional coldness, aversion to others out of fear of rejection, becoming emotionally intimate too quickly, depression, and so on. Essentially these people are unable to nurture themselves, and therefore either demand too much nurturing from others or close themselves off completely. They treat their home as property, and rarely put much personal attention into it. Saturn's lesson in this case is to learn to "mother" one's self and establish emotional balance. These people can learn what makes them feel secure and comfortable, and develop routines and structures that provide that. They should treat their physical home or "space" as an extension of themselves, loving themselves through care and attention to their environment. It will benefit them to keep an orderly and comfortable home, and to embellish it with their own creativity and individual tastes. It is helpful to create routines for exercise, recreation, preparation of healthy meals, necessities such as bill paying, and all things which create a secure and pleasant home life. Once they have thoroughly established the skill of taking care of themselves they will find that their interactions with others are much smoother and less inhibiting. They should then naturally attract supportive and nurturing people into their lives.

Individual Interpretations

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Famous People with Saturn in the fourth house

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Marilyn Monroe

Elvis Presley

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