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ral Discussion • Brave Daughter of India

Unfortunately our government has failed to take the timely action for appreciating the feelings -moral course ,ethics ,& sentiments of the entire nation .May I mention at this stage ''There are RULES & RULES some rules are to be observed in WORDS & some to be IN SPIRIT''.
In this sorry...

Aquarians: What are your favorite things?

Color wise I sometimes have favorites and at others don't. = I like green a lot, but not enough to say it's my favorite. I change a lot.

t Interpretation • Friends Chart


My Friend of 25 years has just relocated back to the UK from Sydney Australia,
Could you please let me know by looking at his chart whether he will return or will this change be a good one
His Birthday is 17/01/1962 London England 11.30pm

Any Comments would be much...

ral Discussion • Messanger Of Peace

I with my Daughter Mala -U.S.A ,congratulating & complimenting Respected ''OBAMA for his Glorious year Victory as President of U.S.A We all saluate you Sir,as 'O BROTHER OF AMERICANS MARCHING AHEAD'' for the peace & Prosperity of entire Nation .This is the need of the Present Age.

ral Discussion • We are Visitors on this Earth -Part III

’Unborn to-morrow & Dead past why to fret when present be ‘’Sweet’’ We as human being have process our Life on the Rosy way to move on our everyDay has our pleasurable Journey.

In my earlier articles, I have indicated the mode of the Art of Living .What ever may be our Professional-Vocation...

ral Discussion • We are Visitors on this Earth -Part II

’Ars longa ,vita brevis ‘’-Art is long .Life is short ,we do not have a Remote control on our Life-Line. It is a game of our Destiny .If we like it or otherwise.
Nice alternative with us is to co-operate with the inevitable ,& if we accept this basic Reality ,Our mind becomes Calm &...

ral Discussion • We are Visitors on this Earth -Part I

. Our arrival begins with the loud sound of our Cry giving Joy & Pleasure to all
Surrounding Environment

Believe me ,with our Birth ,we have brought with us the Resultant Fruits with our earlier previous lives, some people are joyful & Happy ,& other remains sad...

ral Discussion • Managers are born & not made -By Rohit .M.Parikh

How far the science of Astrology can play the part .Astrology is derived from the word '' ASTAR-STAR '' & logos -reason or logic .In short it is the science of time as the horoscope or birth-chart is prepared only on the basics of the birth is prepared only on the basic date-place & birth time...